Trailer Repair

Our trailer techs are some of the best in the industry with years of experience. We do all major or minor chassis work, door repairs/replacements, and body repairs for any make and model.


With some of the most experienced technicians in the field and a regimented inspection process, we offer a preventative maintenance program that has proven to increase our customer's uptime and greatly reduce costly repairs and replacements.


Federal inspections can be a burden to a fleet manager. We take every step possible to help pair federal inspections with standard PM services or repairs to minimize downtime and keep our customer's compliant and on the road.


  • Alignments
  • Brakes
  • Tires
  • Box Repair
  • Body Work - panels, roofing, bottom, and top rails
  • Door Repairs - swing doors and roll doors
  • Fabrication - customer door gates, couplers, bumpers
  • De-Identification - removing old decals with steam machine
  • Flooring Repair/Replacement
  • Install E Track
  • Electrical/lights
  • Air/ABS System
  • GPS Tracking Device Installation