Interior Detailing

Day Cab / Straight Truck

Machine Polishing

Day Cab / Straight Truck

Engine Compartment

Oil and Greese Removal

Aluminum Polishing

$59 / each
Fuel / Hydraulic Tanks
$299 / each
  • If original finish polished and not coated
  • Machine finish quoted separately
  • VIS Services Available - ASK FOR DETAILS

Steel Rim Finishing

Include white paint only
Black lugs and hubs
$49 / each

Benefits to Wheel Polishing

  • Automated process for a more even, longer-lasting finish
  • Uncover hidden wheel damage
  • Lowers cost of wheel maintenance
  • Shorter and less frequent DOT interactions
  • Creates optimum wheel surface to maintain proper torque
  • Increases your truck's resale value

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